MJ & Geoff

So I’m your typical Type A, stressed out bride who had to change her decisions like 70 times during the course of the wedding planning because suddenly I had double the original number of guests, and suddenly we had a keg when we didn’t expect one and suddenly I had gluten free requirements, etc etc. Did CarterQue or Colleen stress? No way. They were cool, calm, and professional the entire time. They answered my emails immediately, answered my phone calls professionally, and met with us when we wanted to. When we needed things reevaluated, they were absolutely on point. And, hell, that was just prepping for the wedding! Day of, the team was awesome. Food was delicious, the team was dressed perfectly and took care of all of my guests. Our bartender (from CarterQue) was friendly and made everyone feel great. They took care of all of our guests, and helped tidy afterwards. They served the cake, they took care of our desserts, and never felt like they were in the way or too far away. It was mind-blowingly awesome service. Did I mention the food here is great? If you don’t believe me, go to their restaurant and try it. It’s to die for. Everyone at our wedding was raving about it.

MJ & Geoff
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Invited for lunch by the in-laws and thinking we’ll see. Not having the best of luck at bbq places lately and being a little picky. I was pleasantly surprised! Great bbq! Tried the brisket, pit ham, pit beef and turkey – all great. Good smoke flavor, tender and well cooked. Now the sauces are outstanding, not the sweet we get in Iowa. Great taste and not overpowering. Make sure to try the blackberry sauce, mmmm good.
Will F.